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Hello, my name is Kendrick Lamar and I want to tell a story about my battles with depression. I was more or less a careless child ever since I could remember myself, going out with friends, drinking and having fun was the main source of spending time in my life, frankly saying, I never really thought about my future, what I wanted to be and what I wanted to choose as my life goal. It didn’t really bother me, until I was 18 and witnessed death of my father, he always stood by my side, tried to help me in every way he could and it was an enormous tragedy in my life, after that I became apathetic, disinterested in everything surrounding my life, at that time I was studying in university but never really received anything from studying there, because I rarely attended lectures and didn’t really think about my grades. It was at the age of 19 that I was diagnosed with depression, after my father’s death I always thought that I wasn’t going through normal phases of mourning, when at first an individual is feeling bad and time after time everything gets better and returns to its normal flow. For me it was different, it was like I was stuck in one phase and nothing really seemed to change, I couldn’t move forward in my life.

To tell you the truth I was never fond of taking drugs as a way of medicating, I thought that the depression would go away eventually, I tried to get a job and function as a normal human being, but high levels of anxiety and depressing thoughts were always there to mess up my life, I couldn’t last more than 6 months on one position, because a always felt antisocial and couldn’t bond with people around me. This feeling was killing me from inside, as I grew and became more and more aware of the essential things one individual should accomplish in his life, I became more conscious of my problems but couldn’t really find a way to break out of my problems, but life is a really strange thing, one can never guess from where and when salvation could come, my life saver was Salome, a girl from country Georgia , who helped me overcome my fears and depression and learn to make the most out of every situation.

I met Salome at an online game , apparently we both had passion for gaming, we started chatting around the game and eventually we exchanged our life experiences through the net, we became close and found out that we had lots of stuff in common. After 5 months of talking to Salome she offered me to fly to Georgia on vacations and spend the time with her. I’ll tell you the truth, I was really nervous about that proposition, because after the depression I barely even left my town, not speaking about going abroad, but eventually I decided to give it a chance, because I really cherished my friendship with Salome and wanted to see her. I flew to Georgia on July 5th, Salome met me at the airport and to my surprise she told me that, she had all week planned for us to travel around Georgia. We started out next morning with an excursion around Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia, it was beautiful and breathtaking, the city which consisted of new and old architecture seemed to be a unique blend of new and old eras. The thing I liked the most was the nature in Georgia, in this country Salome taught me the joy of travel, which later became the antidote to my depression, I really couldn’t have thought in the past that travelling would bring me such joy, but after the trip to Georgia it became a tradition to me, I travel as much as I can and it brings me enormous joy every time I witness something new.

When my vacation was coming to an end, the last thing that Salome did, was to invite me at a concert of his favorite Georgian musician Bera, she also told me that chances of me not liking his music was small, because she knew my taste in music and also told me that Beras music helped her to go through some harsh times. We went to the concert and Salome wasn’t mistaken by a bit, I immediately fell in love with Beras music, his style of performing and the messages that were portrayed in his songs really made an impact on my life and pushed me to reevaluate things in my life. So the lesson from my story would be that you should travel a lot, you should listen to good music and try to get to know other people, that is the best Run 3 Game you can do for yourself in bad situations.

Best Places To Play Flash Games Online

Bloons Tower Self defense is a well-liked flash activity that has actually been advancing for pretty a long time. The first version became therefore popular that followers of the activity started asking for a follow up. Ninja Kiwi, the designer of the hit Cubefield video game answered. Today, you will discover a lot of models from the Bloons High Rise Defense Activity, phoned number one through 5.

Regarding the Activity

Bloons Tower Self defense possesses you participating in as a monkey where you need to pop as numerous bloons as feasible, you can try to play it on. Depending upon the variation you participate in, you will definitely either be firing the bloons down your own self or even establishing towers where the apes will fire the return man 3 down accordinged to where you prepared all of them.

There are actually several upgrades with different bloon kinds, various monitors, Special Broker Towers, Unique Missions as well as a lot more.

Exactly how the Vex 3 game is Played

You will certainly review the straightforward on the web guidelines supplied once you decide on which you wish to participate in. You will definitely at that point put towers throughout the board that are responsible for rejecting bloons (or even balloons). Baseding on the setting you select, you will certainly be actually shooting pushpins, rocks or other object to put the balloon.

As you acquire more places, you have the potential to update to far better towers in order that you possess a better odds from rejecting all from the bloons. This Tunnel Rush game can easily become promptly addicting given that of the wish to pop as numerous bloons as feasible.

There are actually numerous methods that you may choose: amateur, advanced beginner and also sophisticated. This will calculate just what tools you have along with the amount of controls that you possess.

You can easily handle the whole Play Free impossible quiz Online game with your mouse. You will definitely click to either area the high rises on the game panel or you will have the ability to manage your cursor so as to fire up at the bloons.

Tips & Tricks

The only way to accessibility all the exclusive upgrades are along with even more points. Conserve up your indicate manage to update to either an increased firing span or to a better dart. Keep in mind that some bloons are more challenging to shoot down in comparison to others, therefore you will certainly need one thing more powerful
Play Cubefield to pierce the balloon.

Job in the direction of unlocking fast-track method, which costs 3,000 Monkey Loan. This are going to permit you to use your bloon putting opportunity extra properly. This will let you miss earlier rounds as well as enter Cycle 26.

Defend the main entrance of the pathway. This is actually where you desire to place the very most apes. Arm all of them with puncturing darts as well as long assortment darts. Just as long as the bulk from your monkeys are due to the entryway and no even further than the 1st turn, at that point none from the should have the capacity to surpass.

You might also wish to save up for a Super Monkey in order that you may appreciate an even much better duck life 4 video game.


The site is actually completely totally free, enabling you to attempt all of the variations from Bloons Tower Protection to view which one you like better. You do not need to have any exclusive equipment or software to conform. Simply open up your web browser, pick which variation you wish to play gamefudge and start viewing the apes go to city on the various bloons.

This is actually one of the even more key flash video games that you are going to find on the Internet. Some people like Bloons Tower Protection 1 this finest while others like 4 or 5. You will need to play all of them done in order to decide which one you like the greatest.

Once you get conforming, go on and also “just like” the site and also allotment it along with every one of your buddies. You are going to have the ability to track and 2048 Cupcakes your progress along with different success and amounts, permitting you to contrast your capabilities to your close friends’ capabilities.

Bloons High Rise Defense is a prominent flash game that has actually been evolving for quite some opportunity. The very first variation came to be thus well-liked that fans from the activity started demanding a part two. Today, you will certainly discover lots of models of the Bloons Tower Defense Activity, numbered one by means of five.

When you select which
you really want to play Run 3, you are going to review the easy internet guidelines given. You do not require any kind of exclusive equipment or software program to play the game.