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Cristaria - We are committed to you!

To succeed in digital projects, Cristaria undertakes original creations in order to respect the copyright.

Web creation - Your turnkey web projects!

To realize a turnkey website, you benefit from a unique interlocutor who accompanies you from the signature of the contract until the online launch of the digital platform. Throughout the elaboration of the Web project, the customer will be able to exchange with a specialist by email or by telephone.

SEO - Optimize your organic traffic

Website owners want to get more traffic from search engines. To achieve organic traffic, you need to follow specific SEO rules. There are also some technical tricks that need to be used. Content is among the main factors in search engine rankings. A business owner should have a blog if he wants to index his content faster. With an active blog that relies on informative, qualified and authoritative content, organic traffic can be boosted.

Branding - let's create your brand image!

To succeed in a branding campaign, it is necessary to work on the visual identity of the brand. An agency is in charge of assimilating the values as well as the functioning of a brand by meeting the expectations and building a creative and lasting relationship with the client company. The branding takes into account the logo, the shapes, the colors, the typographies or the illustrations.

A memorable visual identity

A memorable visual identity

Make the brand recognizable

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A solid gold logo!

Creation of professional logos

There are logo generator tools to facilitate the creation of professional logos like the one on the francediamant.fr website.

Media agency, webmarketing booster!



Media advertisers

Media advertisers


Native advertising


Webdesign - At first glance!

By obtaining its own design, the company manager benefits from a visual identity, recognizable at first glance. To call upon a Webdesigner in the design of logo, it is necessary to start with the creative brief.

Flat design

Flat design: will minimalism win?

The flat design used for the design of the website jewelleryboutiques.eu, impregnates the theme of iPhones. Each illustration represents an application. This type of design which excludes the effects of depth in the aesthetics of an Internet portal favors the simplicity to propose a minimalist Web design. It is easily recognizable by its large flat colors and the absence of borders.

Micro-animations take up space

Many Internet users are attracted by the appearance of sites. That’s why experienced designers create practical and eye-catching interfaces. A good interface should be warm, intuitive, designed to provide guidance and enhance the user experience. To make an application more attractive, it is recommended to design an interface with micro animations.

Micro-animations take up space

Being first on Google is easy!

Google classifies information from all sites to make it more accessible. To facilitate the search for information, Google takes into account specific data: the user’s search history and geographical location. Another ranking criterion, the search engine displays results according to the relevance it attributes to them. To be among the first results of the SERP, it is necessary to work on the referencing of the sites.